IREC / NASA Student Launch

IREC is and the NASA Student Launch are rocketry competitions where student teams from universities worldwide design, build, and launch high-performance rockets. At SOAR, we focus on optimizing rocket systems to reach altitudes of either 5,000 or 15,000 feet above ground level. Our projects involve conducting experiments and collecting data during rocket flights. We emphasize teamwork, problem-solving, and project management skills.

Through our involvement in these yearly competitions, we aim to inspire and prepare the next generation of aerospace professionals.


Torito is our research branch focused on developing our own method of liquid rocket propulsion. We are dedicated to designing efficient and reliable systems for powering rockets using liquid propellants. Through multidisciplinary collaboration and extensive research, we aim to push the boundaries of innovation in the field of liquid propulsion.

Tripoli Rocketry Association Certifications

Education is primary among our many goals at SOAR. Our guiding organization, the Tripoli Rocket Association, recognizes three levels of certification, each authorizing the rocketeer to launch ever more powerful rockets. To this end, we conduct Level I and Level II Certification courses to help members learn the basics of rocketry and build a strong base of knowledgeable members. We believe this endeavor is paramount to the success of our organization and to transmitting knowledge that might otherwise be lost as members graduate.

Design Build Fly

The Design/Build/Fly (DBF) project is a competitive program where students design, build, and fly radio-controlled aircraft for specific missions. SOAR is a participant in this program, which offers hands-on experience in aircraft design and performance. Students submit reports and compete in a flyoff event to showcase their innovative designs.