About Us


SOAR ABOUT The Society of Aeronautics and Rocketry (SOAR) at USF promotes engineering education and academic performance in a social environment through participation in projects and competitions dedicated to rocketry and aerospace technologies. SOAR provides an opportunity of students from all majors and fields to enhance their knowledge in research, engineering, and other tangential skills pertinent to the aerospace industry.

As an organization we seek to contribute to the development of new and innovative systems that further human deep space exploration efforts. We view ourselves as a professional research organization that produces data relevant to the industry and products such as our Bullisitic Rocket series. In the mindset of professional organization we adhere to strict timelines, budget restrictions, management, teamwork, and fostering collaborations between the academic, commercial and government space industries in mission technology design. Our organization competes in several competitions in addition to our independent Bullisitic Rocket designs.

In 2014-2015 we participated in the Florida Space Grant Consortium Hybrid Rocket Competition, placing 2nd in the highest altitude competition and 3rd in the exact altitude competition.

For the 2015-2016 academic year SOAR has been selected as a competitor in the 2016 NASA Student Launch Initiative, the first team to represent the University of South Florida in this competition. We will also be returning to the NASA FSGC Hybrid competition and continuing work on our two stage rocket the Taurus I.

Our ultimate goals are to help facilitate the establishment of aeronautical engineering program at USF, to help provide USF students with the opportunity to learn more about aerospace technologies, and to provide students with the opportunity to gain research or internship opportunities within the field. Beyond our academic and technical goals we seek to participate in community outreach events such the Great American Teach-In and Engineering EXPO, in order to help proliferate the knowledge and joy of engineering to our community. Though we are still a young organization our members are proving to be a dedicated group willing to put the hours in to produce quality projects while excelling in their classes, research, and internships