Thank you for your interest in becoming one of SOAR’s first supporters as part of our updated sponsorship program! We are now able to accept tax-deductible monetary and material donations while providing marketing and recruiting benefits in return. If this opportunity interests you or your organization, detailed information about SOAR and the benefits of sponsorship is available in our Sponsorship Information PDF, available below:

Please contact Ian Sanders (, our Vice President, for more information or to schedule a meeting/conference call to discuss options. You can also reach SOAR for general inquiries at


We are appreciative of CAE, the first participant in SOAR’s budding sponsorship program:


CAE Logo
CAE is a worldwide leader in civil aviation, defense, and healthcare training. CAE has locations worldwide, including one right here in Tampa, FL.


Over the course of our many projects, SOAR purchases a significant amount of parts and supplies, and there are a few vendors who have been extra helpful and even offer us discounts based on our student organization status or just because. We’d like to thank them for all their help over the past years: