Full-Scale Launch Day

On Saturday, February 20, 2017, the NSL team completed their first full-scale test launch for the 2016-17 season! After a succesful black powder separation test on the ground and despite heavy rain, the launch proceeded as planned. While they didn’t hit the target apogee of 5,280 feet (1,610 m) (reaching… Read more

December Build Days

On December 3rd, December 10th, and December 18th, SOAR held its first major build days for the NSL 2017 project at our off-campus workshop. A number of systems and tasks were worked on, including: Subscale Rocket This is the smaller rocket that will be launched ahead of time to test… Read more

Subscale Launch Day

On December 17th, SOAR participated in the Tripoli Rocket Association Launch Day at Varn Ranch. The primary goal was to launch our subscale rocket for NSL, which we did, reaching a height of 2,115 ft. The video below shows the launch from the viewpoint of the rocket itself (note: this… Read more

2nd Prototyping Meeting

The NSL Prototyping team held their second meeting this Sunday, November 20th at the Design For X lab. The primary focus of this hands-on meeting was to create a working prototype of the steering system (shown below) for the CS_CE (computer science and computer engineering) team to program and work… Read more

1st Prototyping Meeting

On Sunday, November 13th, SOAR held its first prototyping meeting for NSL 2017 in the Design For X lab on campus. The goal of these prototyping meetings is to use lab time develop a functional prototype that will eventually be developed into the final rocket — sort of like a… Read more

2nd Mechanical Engineering Design Meeting

On October 18th, the NSL Mechanical Engineering team met in the conference room to revise mechanical engineering plans prior to the development of the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) document. Tanner Diberardino led the meeting, answering questions and fielding discussions on both specific and general engineering concerns. The meeting was also streamed… Read more

SOAR Leadership Meeting

On September 21st, SOAR President, Logan Sveum, and SOAR Vice President, Andrew Huff, led a meeting of SOAR’s leaders and managers to ensure understanding and integration across all departments and projects. Thirteen people in management positions attended the meeting. The primary focus of the discussion was the status of the… Read more