SOAR is excited to announce its participation in the all-new Base 11 Space¬†Challenge, an incredibly difficult competition in which collegiate teams across the country compete to design, build, and launch a single-stage liquid-fueled rocket to the Karman Line (330,000 ft or 100 kms). Nothing close to this feat has ever been accomplished by any amateur team in history, so we have the chance to contribute groundbreaking developments to the space industry and change the course of history. This challenge has replaced our High-Altitude and Liquid Propulsion initiatives as a combination of the two. SOAR is currently working on building the team for this incredible project, so please don’t hesitate to apply now!

First successful injector flow test using water.

Help contribute to the development of student innovation and knowledge for the upcoming generation of leaders and engineers. Donate to the GoFundMe campaign using the link below, and be the reason that SOAR can be a part of this amazing opportunity. Everyone in SOAR is itching to go and ready to tackle this challenge, and with your help we can do just that. Help us further the development of space exploration for all . . . 

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