SOAR Leadership Meeting

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Andrew (standing, left) and Logan (standing, right) lead a meeting of SOAR's current leaders and managers
Andrew (standing, left) and Logan (standing, right) lead a meeting of SOAR’s current leaders and managers
On September 21st, SOAR President, Logan Sveum, and SOAR Vice President, Andrew Huff, led a meeting of SOAR’s leaders and managers to ensure understanding and integration across all departments and projects. Thirteen people in management positions attended the meeting. The primary focus of the discussion was the status of the NASA Student Launch (NSL) project. The proposed milestone schedule for the year was reviewed and agreed upon. Project Manager for NSL, Kateryna Turchenko, confirmed feasibility of the timeline with Mechanical Engineering Technical Lead for NSL, Jaime Gomez; and Engineering Manager for NSL, Danielle Petterson.¬†SOAR Chief of Engineering, Tanner Diberardino; Head of Mechanical Engineering, Nick Abate; and Head of Electrical Engineering, Simon Wilson, offered feedback on the plans and discussed details for the development of the recovery systems. The team also discussed the plans for the FSGC Hybrid Rocket Competition. SOAR Chief of Rocketry, Jamie Waters, announced that chemical engineering student, Tamara Titus, will be the new Project Manager for the Hybrid Competition.