Two-Stage (Taurus I)

Partially assembled two-stage rocket, with people for scale. This does not include the nose section or rear fins.

Last year, SOAR built the second (upper) stage of its first ever two-stage rocket, and sucessfully launched it at LDRS 36. Multi-stage rockets are virtually unheard of in the collegiate setting, so this is a huge accomplishment for us.

This rocket, known as Taurus I, will stand over 24′ (7.3 m) tall when finished this year and could potentially reach a height of 50,000′.

Due to the 14,000′ height limit of LDRS, SOAR is looking for alternative opportunities to launch the full rocket. Currently, tentative plans exist for using this rocket in the 2018 Spaceport America cup in New Mexico. This would allow us to reach 30,000′ and even potentially use SOAR’s in-house experimental solid fuel motors.


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