NASA Student Launch 2017-18 Proposal

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NSL 2017 – 2018

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SOAR has officially completed its proposal for the 2017-2018 NASA Student Launch Initiative! NSL is an annual national rocketry competition that focuses on innovative designs such as unique payloads. This year, SOAR has chosen the “Deployable rover” option, described in the NSL handbook as such:
  • Deployable rover
    • Teams will design a custom rover that will deploy from the internal structure of the launch vehicle.
    • At landing, the team will remotely activate a trigger to deploy the rover from the rocket.
    • After deployment, the rover will autonomously move at least 5 ft. (in any direction) from the launch vehicle.
    • Once the rover has reached its final destination, it will deploy a set of foldable solar cell panels.
SOAR’s official proposal is located at the following link: NSL Proposal 2017-2018.