NASA Student Launch 2015-2016 Recap

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NSL 2015 – 2016

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IMG_8973 Thanks to the contributions from many generous donors, USF SOAR was able to travel to Huntsville and compete in the NASA Student Launch Initiative for the first time. This past competition, SOAR ¬†participated in both the Student Launch competition as well as the Mars Ascent Vehicle Challenge against 54 student teams from across the nation. The MAV Challenge was designed to answer the need for autonomous robotic systems in space exploration, and required our team to design and build a system capable of retrieving and storing samples. The Student Launch allowed us aspiring engineers a chance to launch our Bullistic II rocket to an altitude of one mile, deploy an automated parachute system, and safely land where it could be recovered. Although we did not place in the overall competition, our team has been granted the opportunity of a lifetime and an unforgettable experience. We are forever grateful and now have the experience and motivation to develop a more refined project that will help us place in the competition this upcoming year. All together this remarkable opportunity would not have been possible without our amazing supporters.