1st Mechanical Engineering Design Meeting

Jaime (left) and Nick (right) lead a mechanical engineering design meeting
Jaime (left) and Nick (right) lead a mechanical engineering design meeting

On September 20th, the mechanical engineering team for NSL met in USF’s Design for X Labs to discuss the fundamental design for our rocket recovery system. Mechanical Engineering Technical Lead for NSL, Jaime Gomez, began the meeting by explaining our proposed design. He and the Head of Mechanical Engineering for SOAR, Nick Abate answered questions and discussed ideas with the team.

This meeting came after several other brainstorming and design meetings addressing the problem of how to land a rocket upright. The mechanical systems are being designed first. Once the mechanical plans are solidified, the electrical engineering team and the computer science and engineering teams will begin work on developing supporting systems. The mechanical engineering team has gone through dozens of fundamental mechanisms, and countless iterations of each idea.

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