2018-19 E-Board Elections

SOAR is now accepting nominations for the 2018-19 E-Board Positions! We will be electing the new President, Vice President, and Chief of Finance (Treasurer) on Thursday, March 29th. Nominees must be USF Tampa students and will be elected by majority vote at the elections meeting. Nominations for elected positions are now closed, however, nominations for appointed positions (appointed by the newly elected board) will be accepted until the positions are filled. You may nominate yourself or others (subject to their acceptance; we will contact them for confirmation).

Nomination form for appointed positions (Chief of Operations, Chief of Engineering, Chief of Rocketry, Chief Safety Officer, Chief of Marketing: https://goo.gl/forms/l7E0TrmyQvGmE0el1

Position Descriptions

Note that this is just a subset of the possible examples of responsibilities for these positions, and is subject to change.

President and Vice President

Manage all SOAR operations as the final vote and in the position of highest responsibility, ensure that all other executive board members are active and performing, serve as the public face of the organization, ensure that all actions taken by the organization are performed in the best interest of SOAR, schedule and manage frequent executive board meetings

Chief of Finance

Compile and review SOAR’s Annual and/or Interim budget requests, oversee spending of individual teams and review team budgets, submit purchase requests and coordinate purchasing with Student Government, work with Chief of Operations to coordinate fundraising and sponsorship efforts, submit travel grant paperwork

Chief of Engineering

Direct and oversee all engineering operations not directly related to rocket design and fabrication (ie the NASA Student Launch payload), oversee lab and workshop operations and maintenance, keep teams on track and review engineering plans before implementation

Chief of Rocketry

Direct and oversee all operations directly related to rocket fabrication and launch, review and check rocketry simulations, review and verify rocket designs and plans, keep teams on track and on time, ensure competition paperwork is submitted as necessary

Chief of Operations

Search for and obtain corporate and private sponsorships for SOAR, manage leadership structure and internal communications, oversee hiring and elections, help new members find a place and get involved in projects, plan and communicate about internal events and meetings, manage internal communications

Chief of Marketing

Maintain and spread awareness of SOAR’s brand and identity, design or oversee the design of marketing materials, create and manage marketing campaigns in order to recruit new members, manage public relations both inside and outside of USF, ensure that all SOAR social media accounts are active, review design and copy of any publicized documents, manage and market any public events, manage external communications

Chief of Safety

Create necessary Standard Operating Procedures for SOAR use, ensure that those SOPs are implemented properly, ensure that all SOAR operations are performed with safety as the absolute priority, ensure that materials and equipment are stored and transported safely, create and be able to present documentation and records of safe practices within the organization, oversee and manage safety officers for each project team

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