Test Launch of Experimental Motor

On February 17th, we launched Bullistic, our oldest and most-launched high-power rocket. Built back in 2013, we used this rocket as a test vehicle for our experimental in-house solid motor. It was a successful launch reaching 5566 ft. Unfortunately, Bullisitic suffered damage to one of its fins upon landing, despite successful parachute deployment.

Here is a link of to the launch https://youtu.be/VRu5QEYrwcI

Special thanks to Roger Cox Photography for all the great photos from the launch!


Engineering Expo at USF

We had a great time at the Engineering Expo at USF on Friday and Saturday! We talked to students from all grade levels about STEM education and what we do. We made stomp rockets using paper rockets and soda bottle launchers. Everyone enjoyed watching the rockets SOAR with our record being 90 ft! Thank you to everyone who came out and helped make this awesome event happen!


SOAR takes a tour at SOFWERX

On January 4th 2018 some of our members toured SOFWERX in Tampa, FL. SOFWERX is a partnership between Doolittle Institute and the United States Special Operations Command whose goal is to solve challenging problems in an innovative way. Our members got to take an exciting look at their facility, workshop, and drone flying room!





Launch Day!

Both the NASA Student Launch and LDRS rockets are scheduled to launch tomorrow (Saturday, April 8th)! The NSL team will be launching their 13-ft tall, 47.5 lb Apis I with it’s vision recognition/camera aiming payload in Alabama; and the LDRS team will be launching the upper stage of Taurus I in Maryland. Check out the Current Projects tab for more information on our teams’ projects this year, and also be sure to watch the NSL live stream tomorrow to see all 40+ NSL launches in realtime. We will be launching at approximately 10:00 am CT.

This week at SOAR — getting ready for competition!

This is an exciting week for SOAR! Both the Large Dangerous Rocket Ships (LDRS) and NASA Student Launch (NSL) teams are all hands on deck, working on last minute preparations for both events in just a couple of days! Many hundreds of hours have gone into both of these projects, so it’s amazing to finally see them come to fruition.

The NSL team had their rocket (Apis I) painted as gift from Jim’s Body Shop in a beautiful bright green, white, and metallic gold (USF’s colors) scheme, while the computer science, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering specialists worked on final updates to the navigation and vision software as well as assembling the landing module itself. The rocket was even featured on Tampa’s FOX 13 News, and it looks amazing. This rocket will be launching at Bragg Farm in Toney, AL on Saturday, April 8th. More information for spectators and interested parties can be found here, and a remote live stream can be accessed here on launch day.

The LDRS team also placed the finishing touches on their two-stage rocket (Taurus I), installing a camera and painting it in-house using professional airbrushing techniques. This 24′ tall rocket will launching at Higgs Farm in Price, MD, sometime during the weekend of April 6th – 9th. More info on this event can be found here.

Finally, be sure to subscribe to @USFSOAR and @StudentLaunch on Instagram and Twitter for the latest up-to-the-minute updates as it happens.

Stay tuned for updates, photos, and videos to follow after this week! As always, recent photos up to now are attached below:

General Body Meeting

Our general body meeting last week, on January 5th, had a great turnout! SOAR members were updated on new policies, current project statuses (see the individual project pages for more info), and upcoming events. New project leaders were introduced and the beginning of the appointment process for next year’s main leadership positions was announced. Afterwards, the NSL computer science team went to the DFX Lab to work on the code for the landing module in preparation for the January  29th build day.

SOAR’s January 25 general body meeting.


SOAR Leadership Meeting

Andrew (standing, left) and Logan (standing, right) lead a meeting of SOAR's current leaders and managers

Andrew (standing, left) and Logan (standing, right) lead a meeting of SOAR’s current leaders and managers

On September 21st, SOAR President, Logan Sveum, and SOAR Vice President, Andrew Huff, led a meeting of SOAR’s leaders and managers to ensure understanding and integration across all departments and projects. Thirteen people in management positions attended the meeting.

The primary focus of the discussion was the status of the NASA Student Launch (NSL) project. The proposed milestone schedule for the year was reviewed and agreed upon. Project Manager for NSL, Kateryna Turchenko, confirmed feasibility of the timeline with Mechanical Engineering Technical Lead for NSL, Jaime Gomez; and Engineering Manager for NSL, Danielle Petterson. SOAR Chief of Engineering, Tanner Diberardino; Head of Mechanical Engineering, Nick Abate; and Head of Electrical Engineering, Simon Wilson, offered feedback on the plans and discussed details for the development of the recovery systems.

The team also discussed the plans for the FSGC Hybrid Rocket Competition. SOAR Chief of Rocketry, Jamie Waters, announced that chemical engineering student, Tamara Titus, will be the new Project Manager for the Hybrid Competition.

April 20th Team Minutes

SOAR Minutes


NSL 2016-2017

  • Full Scale provided by Rick Waters, mentor
  1. Need to take measurements
  2. Need numerous simulations (Rocksim, OpenRocket)
  • Orders (Rick has provided a list of materials)
  1. Motors!! (Simulations will narrow down)
  • Sub Scale materials can be used from leftover materials
  • Involvement (all members) in media, rocket, AGSE, etc
  • AGSE

Two-Stage Rocket

  • New Design in the works (switching to fiberglass)

Motor Fabrication

  • Rick wants to schedule a motor fabrication display with a professional
  • Pick date for motor fabrication
  • Need names for all who want to attend

Hybrid Competition 2017


  • Current and new members should be motivated to get level 0, 1, and even 2
  • If interested, check out Tripoli Rocket Association

May 21st Launch

  • New and current members to launch Bullistic II
  • Team bonding event
  • Varn Ranch
  • Attendees must RSVP

Thank You’s

  • Send Thank You cards to all donors to the gofundme campaign