Bullistic II Test Launch


It was a cold, wet day for our team, bringing out the Bullistic II in hopes of a successful launch. Early in the morning we helped to prepare the field for the monthly launch at the Rocking V ranch, keeping an eye on the weather and looking for our launch window.

At 10 am we began prepping the rocket, loading the black powder charges, and loading the parachutes into the airframe. As a light drizzle came down we placed the rocket on the pad, anticipating the three altimeter beeps that would be the all clear signal.

As the motor lit and the rocket soared upwards it was clear, it was a beautiful flight, and one we can certainly be proud of. Though ultimately we did not reach the altitude we desired it was a safe flight, with an undamaged recovery and plenty of data to analyse.

We would like to give a big thanks to all of those who have bee supporting our team, we would have never made it this far without you. With that being said, we are getting ready for Huntsville!

— Nicholas Conde

Meet the Bullistic II


After months of dedication and hard work we have managed to prep our new rocket, the Bullistic II, for launch. The Bullistic II is a 138 inch rocket with a 4 inch diameter, simulated to reach around 4,000 feet on a Cesaroni L910. Though we still have lots of work to do with painting, and continued work on our AGSE, we are happy to make it past this milestone and having our eyes set on our test flight.

— Nicholas Conde

USF Engineering Expo

IMG_1564 IMG_1566

Our team was very happy to participate for the first time in the USF Engineering EXPO. We enjoyed several days of introducing students, from elementary to high school, to topics in STEM education and of course, rocketry! We had a lot of fun and came away with a certificate thanking us for our outstanding performance. We look forward to participating next year with even more to show!

— Nicholas Conde

SOAR New Member Banquet


Join us Friday October 23 for our SOAR New Member Banquet. It will be a social event and a great opportunity to learn more about the organization and our members. So if you are a SOAR member or might be looking to become one be sure to come on by, it should be a blast.

SOAR Selected for the 2016 NASA Student Launch Initiative

The Society of Aeronautics and Rocketry (SOAR) will be representing USF in the 2015-2016 NASA Student Launch Initiative, a high powered rocket launch challenge. After a successful proposal SOAR was selected along with 53 other student teams to participate in the eight month challenge, culminating in a competitive launch at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

Link to full NASA press release on the Student Launch Initiative.