April 20th Team Minutes

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SOAR Minutes 04/20/2016 NSL 2016-2017
  • Full Scale provided by Rick Waters, mentor
  1. Need to take measurements
  2. Need numerous simulations (Rocksim, OpenRocket)
  • Orders (Rick has provided a list of materials)
  1. Motors!! (Simulations will narrow down)
  • Sub Scale materials can be used from leftover materials
  • Involvement (all members) in media, rocket, AGSE, etc
  • AGSE
Two-Stage Rocket
  • New Design in the works (switching to fiberglass)
Motor Fabrication
  • Rick wants to schedule a motor fabrication display with a professional
  • Pick date for motor fabrication
  • Need names for all who want to attend
Hybrid Competition 2017 Certifications
  • Current and new members should be motivated to get level 0, 1, and even 2
  • If interested, check out Tripoli Rocket Association
May 21st Launch
  • New and current members to launch Bullistic II
  • Team bonding event
  • Varn Ranch
  • Attendees must RSVP
Thank You’s
  • Send Thank You cards to all donors to the gofundme campaign