The Team

SOAR currently has approximately 40 active team members, including project leads and subteam leads as well as our executive leadership board. Meet our 2016-2017 executive board members below:

Logan Sveum, President

As President, Logan oversees the entire organization and, with the help of his executive board, determines the overall direction that SOAR will pursue in future endeavors. This year, Logan is working strenuously to establish SOAR as an organization, not solely comprised of a bunch of engineers, but a “company” that incorporates all majors and all people interested in space exploration. This year, the organization has grown from 4 executive board members, including Logan, to over 175 members, with 22 of those members holding leadership positions. Currently this organization is completing 4 separate projects, with 3 rockets being built and research of ammonium perchlorate motors underway. Ultimately, Logan’s goal is to create an organization that is strong, lasting, and gives students an opportunity to gain experience in their respective fields before they go off to their future careers.

Logan is a senior undergraduate studying mechanical engineering. Believe it or not he didn’t aspire to one day be working with and loving the field of aerospace. No one told him how amazing space exploration was and, one day again, could be. He currently works at Emerald Engineering, an Engineering consulting firm, where he is able to apply those skills that he learns in class, everyday.

Andrew Huff, Vice President

Andrew was elected Vice President of SOAR in April 2016. Since assuming the position, he has taken the responsibility of overseeing current projects and ensuring each team is functioning properly to meet the project objectives. Since SOAR is expanding into an organization encompassing more than just engineering, Andrew integrates the multiple departments for the necessary components of each project. This year in SOAR, Andrew is guiding three projects: NASA Student Launch Initiative (NSL) 2016-2017, Large Dangerous Rocket Ships (LDRS) 36, and the Hybrid Rocket Competition sponsored by the NASA Florida Space Grant Consortium. He has been working closely with the project managers for each project, making sure they are all on track with the project objectives, scheduling, and budget. Andrew’s ultimate goal as VP is to establish strong project management skills within the members of the organization, and form the foundation for successful project completion in all further ventures.

Andrew is a senior, pursuing a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering, graduating May 2017. His exposure to the aerospace field began at a young age, growing up in Cocoa Beach, Florida, where the rockets explode! Influenced by his father’s career with the US Air Force 45th Space Wing and SOAR’s advisor, Dr. Manoug Manougian, Andrew decided aerospace engineering was his true passion. He has accepted a position at Harris Corporation in Palm Bay, Florida, which he will start in June 2017. He hopes to attend graduate school later on to specialize in aerospace engineering and further contribute to space exploration and space technology.

Tanner Diberardino, Chief Engineer

As Chief Engineer, Tanner leads the engineering department and oversees the mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering sub-departments. His work this year has been focused on building a quality group of engineering leaders to help run our rapidly expanding list of engineering projects. In the spring semester he will be working to develop and implement a training curriculum designed to expedite the teaching of key engineering skills to our members. Through this series of classes and workshops Tanner hopes to build a strong foundation of skilled engineering students that will continue the legacy of SOAR’s quality work.

Tanner is a senior studying mechanical engineering. Tanner’s real passion lies outside the classroom, in the great outdoors. His love of hiking and adventuring has inspired a deep love for nature that has seeped into his career aspirations. He hopes one day to help engineer more sustainable products that will not only be intuitive and easy to use, but also environmentally conscious. Tanner has worked at Harris Corporation for the past 5 years as a systems engineering intern, he continues there this summer to assist them with a contract for the Federal Aviation Administration.

Jamie Waters, Chief of Rocketry

As Chief of Rocketry, Jamie oversees the design, production, and testing of all rockets built by SOAR and any other projects related to rocketry including motor manufacturing. This year, Jamie is working to educate more students about how to build rockets and the concepts behind them to ensure the organization can continue to grow after he graduates. Jamie wants to make sure that fellow students truly understand the designs and know why certain decisions were made. This level of understanding allows future designs to be innovated to meet the requirements for competitions in later years. This allows students to gain a better understanding of the field of rocketry and gain skills that can be applied to any field they chose to work in. Jamie encourages students to be involved in the Tripoli Rocket Association to aid in their knowledge of rocketry.

Jamie is a senior undergraduate studying Chemical Engineering. He wants to work as a Process Engineer or in Product Development when he graduates. These fields, while they may not be in rocketry, will utilize the level of understanding and innovation that he uses with SOAR.

Brett Baker, Chief of Operations

As Chief of Operations, Brett oversees finance, recruiting, brand management, education outreach, and the leadership development program (LDP). This year, Brett is working to implement and grow the LDP so it will continue to help SOAR engineers become more successful leaders in the subsequent administrations. Brett has worked to recruit talented students from both engineering and non-engineering majors to help SOAR move towards its goals. He will be working to develop SOAR’s relationships with aerospace companies to help fund SOAR’s activities, to get feedback from industry professionals on what engineers should be learning in college, and to help connect SOAR members with potential employers.

Brett is a senior undergraduate studying finance. For years, he’s aspired to work with an aerospace organization in business management. One day, he hopes to start his own business in this industry. He’s currently doing an internship as a project engineer with a construction management firm. This lets him apply his education in management to technical projects.

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